Yo Yi Foods Co., Ltd.

Expertise in Producing Natural Products of Healthy
and Delicious Tapioca Starch Pearls.

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Our Philosophy

Focus on Developing ourselves to be a

Superior Brand and Pursuing the Highest Quality.

Emphasizing to Food Safety

and Food Hygiene for All Our Customers.

Indicated in Nature, Safe, Healthy,

and Delicious Tapioca Starch Pearls.

We are FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP, GHP and HALAL Certificated, 

Proving that High Quality is Our Persistency on Our Products.

Quality Policy, Food Safety Management System Standard FSSC 22000

"Committed to producing quality, clean, safe products that comply with international laws and standards.

for customer satisfaction and continuously develop and improve"

Our Products


Halal food production standards

      On May 21, 2024 by The Islamic Mommittee Office Of Thailand Enter the area to inspect the production process Materials used in the production of products "Bubble tea beans" In order to meet Halal food production standards. Yoyi Foods has certified Halal food production standards. 


Basic GHPs training (practices in the food industry).

      On May 11, 2024, the executives of Yoyi Foods Company Limited. Focus on the importance of GHPs (practices in the food industry) that production employees must strictly abide by in every production process. For the end result is a clean and safe product. Therefore, GHPs training was organized, with the chief Section of the quality control department being the lecturer this time.

       To create confidence for customers that they will receive “Bubble tea beans” that are clean and safe to consume.


Firefighting drills and fire evacuation drills for the year 2023

     our company attach great importance to the safety of employees,And the safety laws in Thailand have also given the importance to the employees have knowledge and understanding on basic fire control and fire fighting methods have been provided To be able to respond to various fire incidents. Can to use basic fire equipment correctly and be safely
     So, our company has organized training and fire evacuation drills for the Y2023. On December 8th, 2023 The fire evacuation training success and completed.